Old School Martial Arts Comic

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Lone Wolf & Cub Vols. 1-28

Lone Wolf & Cub (or as it was originally known in Japan, Kozure Ōkami) is a straightforward tale.

Ogami Ittō’s wife and most of his family was murdered by the Yagyū clan so, along with his young son (the only survivor), Daigoro, he must gain his revenge upon the Yagyū clan, and its evil leader, Yagyū Retsudō. And along the way, hilarity ensues.

So with such a straightforward tale, for it to be so acclaimed, you know that the story and the art must be great, and it really is.

The late, great Goseki Kojima’s artwork was an inspiration to many artists, with Frank Miller probably being the most notable (and think about it, if you inspired Frank Miller’s style, think of all the artists who were then inspired by Miller…), and his depictions of the stark reality of violence is stunning.

Kazuo Koike’s story is quite impressive, especially the way he shows how evil the circle of violence between the two clans, leading to the memorable conclusion to the series (which lasted six years, between 1970 and 1976).


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